Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Lavendar Harvest

A bounty of blooms.
The lavendar is about three years old and potted in a large planter snug in the garden bed. The wind blows the lovely fragrance up onto the deck area far enough away to avoid the many bees attracted to the scent.

Willie and I are inspecting the lavendar to see if it is ready to pick. These stems are long and the buds are not quite open yet. Willie loves to stiff at the frangrant flowers!

Picked in the morning. I used the kitchen scissors to get a good clean cut.

Each stem is stripped of the buds.

My hands smell like lavendar.

I wonder how much this would cost if I had to buy as much?
This can be used for drawer sachet, the bath water, potpourri, candle or soap making
and lots more uses. I'll keep it in a tightly closed jar until needed.
Why don't you plant some lavendar yourself?

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Bunny In The House

Valentine, our 5 year old rabbit is too hot outside in her hutch. She is in her temporary quarters in my craft room where we have another cage for her. We bring her in when it is really hot, or when it is freezing outside in winter.
She is allowed to run free inside for some exercise under our watchful eye and with gentle herding by Willie our Shelti. Don't worry, we don't leave her out alone!
Val can jump on the couch and onto our laps. Then down again. If she is nervous or startled she will make a loud thump on the floor and scurry away!
Why have a rabbit? Well she too has her job around our house. The plants are treated to rabbit pellets to enrich the soil. Valentine is not the cuddliest bunny, but she is ours and we love her!
She was a gift from my daughter on Valentine's Day.