Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Tuesday is Fridge Cleaning Day

It's Wednesday garbage day not Tuesday, I know. Starting next week I am making Tuesday, refrigerator clean out day. That way the fridge gets cleaned and any throw aways will be in the garbage can in time for the Wednesday visit from our garbage collectors. Makes sense doesn't it, but I am just now making it a household rule!

The really annoying thing is the beep, beep, beep the fridge sounds when the door is left open too long. The temperature sensor knows when the temp is going up!

This is really irritating and I am trying to work quickly.

I'm using these wipes, so convenient to have around the house and they work pretty well with enough durability.

I must speak to the teenagers about opening all the juices before the previous bottles are empty!

How many sauces do we need anyway?

More sauces and condiments but where is the food?

The freezer is another story!

Have you cleaned your fridge lately?

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Not the Pampered Kind!

This Cottage Girl has never had a pedicure, and maybe two manicures in her whole life now on the threshold of age fifty! I just don't put a lot into my appearance. I adore jeans and a t-shirt, jean jacket and my Merrill shoes.

Some Cottage Girls are very pampered with clothes, hair, makeup, jewelry and the sweetest of home accessories. Perhaps you are one of these lovely girls and gasp at my lack of refinement.

Cottage Girls come in such a variety. Some are "Nifty and Thrifty" with their flea market and by the side of the road finds. Other Cottage Girls are "Rosy" surrounding themselves in roses. Yes, you know what I mean, roses on everything including the clothes they wear. There are the "Sparkle and Shine" Cottage Girls collecting glassware, jewels, silver and anything glittery.

The "Make Do" prim Cottage Girls go way back to basics.

I guess I am the dig in the dirt with your hands and paint in the hair type of Cottage Girl. I love nature, being natural and going without makeup, although I do color the gray out of my hair!

I am thinking on changing that. This year I will be fifty years old and I am reflecting on what I have done and what I have not done. So I am going to be working on a list. Not a "Bucket List" really just a personal growth and experience list. I am going to pamper myself more and see what it is the other Cottage Girls are so thrilled about!

I better get to thinking on it! Perhaps you could make a list of your own. Here's to personal growth and trying something new, not dangerous or careless, just new!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

My Valentine

Sharing my Valentine with you! Not a card, but a bunny. Confused?
This is my bunny and her name is Valentine given to me by my daughter as a Valentine gift six years ago. So I named her Valentine.

Valentine came from a pet store where she had been picked over. We think she may have been poked and prodded too much. She doesn't like to be handled very much. Now that she is an old age rabbit, she has become more mellow and will allow some cuddling.
Wishing you all Valentines, no matter what shape they come in!


I think I may be reopening this blog. I need to cancel the new one I created first. The Cottage Girl really does fit me very well. So stay tuned!
The Cottage Girl