Saturday, March 28, 2009

English Dishes

Botanic Garden by Portmeirion-England

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I have a confession to make. I am a dish girl. Yes, I have several sets and lust for more!
Today I am switching out my Pomona for Botanic Garden. I have not used the Botanic garden for about 5 years.


Botanic Garden

Six full place setting of Pomona plus extra here and there.

These dishes have been very sturdy. I like them because each piece is different for a nice variety. My favorite you ask? The cherries on the Pomona, and well I guess the cyclamen for the Botanic Garden.

How long do you think it will take the Cottage Guy to notice the switch? Check back later and I'll let you know! See comments below this post for the answer.

This Botanic Garden butter dish was actually my mothers, the only piece she had so it is very sentimental to me. It is much more faded than the other pieces because it is so much older.

Notice how both sets of dishes work well with the green checked placemats!

Some of my extra pieces, gifts from past coworkers!
They gave me some of the pieces at various times, when I got married, my birthday and lastly when I resigned from The Bon Marche-Bridal Registry department. Those lovely China,Crystal and Silver department gals were wonderful, and I will remember them always!


  1. Just so you know it only took him 40 minutes to notice the switch in the dishes. We waited patiently through dinner before he said anything.
    I thougt it would take a couple days at least!

  2. Hi Cottage Girl
    I'm the Collector's Club Co-ordinator at Portmeirion Potteries in Stoke-on-Trent, the home of English pottery - and couldn't help noticing your dedication to and love of our Botanic Garden and Pomona collections. Are you a member of our club? It's absolutely free to join and you receive quarterly newsletters with information about Botanic Garden and Portmeirion past and present - you will also get sneak previews of new Botanic Garden and Pomona items. If you would like to join, contact me at or visit

  3. hi there, I noticed your collection of Portmeirion, lovely. I have been a collector for many years now, and it is always great to meet other collectors. I could send you a few pictures, if you like.
    kind regards, Lia (from The Netherlands)