Friday, April 17, 2009

Welcome Spring !!


The spring has sprung in my neck of the woods. Come visit on my front porch to see what I have done. Here is my new Welcome flag to greet you....

Now take a look at this year's hanging boston ferns. The Cottage Guy hung them a little higher this year because we usually have birds nesting in them. Let's check and see...

I spy a bit of bird's egg blue, yup we have a nest. Excuse me while I get a chair for a better look.

Well HELLO! Five eggs!

Err, I mean 4 soft turqoise eggs, and 1 larger speckled egg. I have heard of this. Some other bird lays their egg in someone's nest so they will take care of the hatchling and do all the parenting. HUH!

What do you think of that????


Remember my earlier post about birds? There is an important reason we are

hanging the ferns higher!

Here is the image I showed you of 4 darling
baby birds from last year.

What I didn't tell you is they perished the very next day. Tiny bits of down and feathers were on the porch, the back deck....and ANDY!


  1. Cute pictures!!! wonder what kind of bird will the brown egg be?

  2. wow! what amazing photos! i actually gasped at the birds with their mouths wide open.

    thanks so much for your fun comment on my blog. hooray for magazines!


  3. Oh we had a cat who loved birds. We were gone for 2 months one summer (we had a house/cat sitter) and came home to a large pile of feathers at the front garden. It's just their nature, but a bit sad. Good idea to hang the ferns higher!

  4. ohhhhh, so sweet - love the birdies and the kitty too! I am adding your blog to my Blog Candy roll now.


  5. I just saw your pix of the eggs. The large speckled egg is a cowbird egg and should be removed if it isn't too late. The cowbird is a brood parasite -- they lay eggs in other birds' nests. The cowbird usually hatches a couple of days ahead of the other birds, the baby gets a head start on the other babies, and they will die. -- this causes the demise of many songbirds. Google 'cowbird' to find out more. They are nasty birds.