Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Tuesday is Fridge Cleaning Day

It's Wednesday garbage day not Tuesday, I know. Starting next week I am making Tuesday, refrigerator clean out day. That way the fridge gets cleaned and any throw aways will be in the garbage can in time for the Wednesday visit from our garbage collectors. Makes sense doesn't it, but I am just now making it a household rule!

The really annoying thing is the beep, beep, beep the fridge sounds when the door is left open too long. The temperature sensor knows when the temp is going up!

This is really irritating and I am trying to work quickly.

I'm using these wipes, so convenient to have around the house and they work pretty well with enough durability.

I must speak to the teenagers about opening all the juices before the previous bottles are empty!

How many sauces do we need anyway?

More sauces and condiments but where is the food?

The freezer is another story!

Have you cleaned your fridge lately?


  1. How sweet that you have the same kettle as me! Yeah...we can be kettle twins...oh now that was corny beyond words!!!!! Ha...haha!
    Thanks for popping over to Bainbridge!
    And this is a fabulous idea about having a certain day to clean the fridge!!!
    I actually did clean my fridge...Monday! Yeah! Such a good feeling!
    And I do believe I will just sit over here for a of my favorite songs I do hear!
    Who is this singing my favorite song???

  2. Well I need to get my fridge a good cleaning. My freezer, well I did that last I did a video awhile back showing my fridge...these are fun posts to do and to comment to...Blessings to you this Easter..oh by the way,,I ADORE your window where you show the wreathes,,just beautiful..but is that wallpaper and border..I'm LOVING it!!!!!!