Thursday, January 6, 2011

Christmas Tree at Work Images 2010

I wanted to post these pictures as we are about to take down the tree this week. There were lots of compliments on it being so cute. Several of us dressed the tree. I used some long lengths of wire to twist around the doll waists where you can't see it and attached them securely. This prevented any of the items from disappearing. There were lots of candy canes on the tree for the taking but most are still there.


  1. Your tree was just beautiful! I lived vicariously through everybody's tree photos on the blogs this past Christmas. Because of our little Baby, the kitty you commented on in my Please Don't Eat the Daisies post, we didn't have a tree this year! haha We knew what would happen, she is such a mischief maker! In fact, I did a whole post about our lack of Christmas decorations due to this little gal!

    Hope you have a wonderfuf week. Thanks so much for visiting!


  2. Thanks for stopping by Flannel Jammies Farm to view my list... hoping all is well with you!!!

  3. Working on Christmas days is really fun. Your tree is just beautiful and gorgeous artificial toys. I also doing same things on every Christmas.