Monday, July 12, 2010

Water-Are you thirsty?

Are you thirsty? Soda and iced tea a bit more than you desire, but plain old water seems, plain old?

I was at a work conference here at Colonial Williamsburg. They were serving water in large glass decanters with spigots at the bottom. Inside they floated lots of lemon slices and strawberry wedges. It was festive and colorful for a hot summer day, although we were in an air conditioned room. The water was new and the  taste was very light. Not Plain-Old! I thought to myself, I'll have to try this next time I have guests. I'll serve it in a large glass pitcher. I hope they won't think it is lemonade!

Then this morning. I was checking my favorite blogs. Mind you it is really early, say 5AM or so. I really woke up when I saw it. Water. Again in a large decanter with a spigot. I saw it on the Joyworks blog. One of my blog favs! I love their store and visit whenever I am in Snohomish. Anyway, Jana  wrote about the Saturdayz Flea Market at Sand Point. Lovely pictures and then at the end...there it was, water. In it was floating mint leaves and watermelon wedges! Fantastic. I can just imagine how cool and refreshing that must be.

I see a trend. Flavored waters you make yourself and without the chemicals or fizz. What could be better than that? So if you are thirsty, and want something better than plain old water, try one of these. Recipe not necessary!


  1. What refreshing ideas, indeed! Have to try the watermelon and mint... that sounds like a wonderful combo!

  2. I love lemon with my water:-) I've never thought of using mint and watermelon or any other fruit, must give it a try!! xox