Sunday, August 22, 2010

Try To Remember

The Cottage Girl has the worst time remembering to bring the grocery totes with her shopping. Do you have this same trouble? 

Well, I am making a habit of storing them near the door and many eventually make it out to the car. Still doesn't work. I get to my favorite grocery store and jump out already thinking about what I need to buy and totally forget the totes.

I fill my basket and get in line to check out. I love the cashiers at the local Harris Teeter because not only are they fast and efficient but they are so friendly. We are smiling at each other when it happens. She may say something like paper, plastic or did you bring your own tote bags?  Frown. Oh no I did it again; I forgot them, I say sheepishly. It would be bad form to halt the line, and the process of checking out to dash to the car. So I go with plastic vowing to recycle them.

I am now thinking of posting a note near the drivers seat  that says
GROCERY TOTES,  that way I might remember. Why haven't I ?
It reminds me of my grandmother's house, especially the kitchen where she must have had a hundred little notes posted all over the place, reminding her of something. I hope it doesn't come to that!!!


  1. I do the same thing! I bought some really pertty totes and have only used them twice, even though they are in the car.

    A post it note wouldn't last long in my car, it would get knocked off the first time the kids got in. I'd have to write in in permanent ink on my dashboard! I think I'll try stashing them under my console where I put my purse. They might accidently get caught up in my purse handles and follow me in!

  2. I use to forget them ALL the time, but then my local grocery store abolished all plastic bags and now you have to bring them in or risk walking out of the store juggling all your purchases under your chin, belly, armpits, you name it, any place you can put them!!! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment on my day at the market... and just cause you asked... I bought a paisley blue wrap/shawl from India, some matching earrings and a bunch of lavender bags for the "older" ladies in my family! Happy Monday to you!

  3. Sweet has come to that for me!! I MUST start with the notes! NO way out of it! a will be worth it. (yeah, I can talk! I'm old and have an excuse!) LOL

    Ants!! Tomorrow morning at dawn...another blitz!
    I told someone today that I felt like the pilot of the Anola Gay during WW11...
    It's just that it has GOT TO STOP! Never mind, I KNOW you understand!
    Good luck!
    (clicking heels together!) I salute you!!! Good luck on your mission!!