Saturday, May 16, 2009


Sorry about my absence from posting. Now where was I?

Okay I left off with getting ready for the CW Employees Craft Show...

I was excited and ready except for petty cash which I got at the bank after work, then went to Walmart to pick up some little candies to put on my display table for customers. I was pulling the hatch down on my van and felt my back pull! It wasn't too bad, but my back has been going in and out the last few weeks. Never mind, I went home and by the end of the evening when I got up from my sewing table...I couldn't! I had doubts I would make it to the show the next morning and I didn't. How could I possibly lift the bins with product and carry them back and forth? My husband had to work and I was alone so I didn't go.

Well, I was able to do the show on Sunday with the help of my husband, The Cottage Guy. He did it all! The lifting, the carrying, the set up and took it all down again at the end of the show. He even got us lunch, coffee and dessert. I am so blessed!

We barely made our table back. The show was a bust despite the signage which was numerous, well written and wonderful in directing drivers to our craft show. The weather was terribly humid and rainy; maybe too rainy with thunder and lightening. Customers were few, and were not buying. They loved what I had, but didn't buy much from me or any of the crafters. Hey! I kept prices low too! Surprisingly they were buying my vintage style items left over from Christmas like my Bakers Dozen Prim Tags, Vintage Candy Canes and such. To think I almost didn't bring the Christmas items. Lesson learned, bring holiday best sellers all year round.

Still I am glad I made the show just to see some of the other vendors who are such nice people! Crafty people seem to be so congenial and have a great sense of humor too. Many of us buy from each other. I will be posting what I bought next time.

The Cottage Girl

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