Sunday, May 17, 2009

Five Finger Vases

What do you think of these? I gave a vase to each of my sisters when I visited them this winter. They are funny looking,(the vases not my sisters) but interesting to have out without any flowers in them at all. They are for displaying flower buds separately.

These are available at


  1. Good morning Cottage Girl:-)Thank you so much for coming by my blog and leaving a comment, it's always such a pleasure to meet someone new!! I've never seen 5 finger vases like those, how unusual they are!

    I was so sorry to read that the craft show was a rained here all day yesterday and was so cold, I felt sorry for those who were having yard sales because no one was out and about.

    Have a wonderful day and hope you visit again:-)

  2. a little funny looking empty but i bet they'll look wonderful filled. (i am imagining daisies or zinnias!)

  3. These vases are still available but now come in all white or white with blue as well as the green!
    The price is right too! $8 to $15 each.